Value To Coaching

We find that coaching is the approach that helps people be at their most effective when they are trying to change, significantly improve or refine an area of their life. Let me give you an example:

Recently, I was invited to participate in a circuit training boot camp at a new gym. It sounded like an interesting addition to my cardio, weights, and yoga routines. Before the boot camp started, the head trainer took me aside to ascertain my form and skill level. He wanted to make sure I knew what I was doing and doing it correctly. As I performed a squat, he noted that I favored one side of my body. I was completely unaware of this behavior but it made perfect sense as I was compensating for a long standing leg injury. He told me and showed me how to squat and keep my body in good alignment while mindful of my leg constraint. It was fantastic. After his assessment I found out how I could strengthen a weakness that I avoided. This is the value of a coach: to point out what you cannot see and to bring you to a more successful outcome.

Think about high achieving performers – Eric Schmidt, Oprah, Tiger Woods or Celine Dion.  They have reached the highest performance levels. They already know what to do. And still they have coaches to help them see what they cannot see, overcome challenges, give them a perspective to help them achieve significant outcomes.  

A good coach is invaluable because:

  • They offer a reputable perspective 
  • They clearly articulate a valid approach to your situation 
  • They are a stimulating thinking partner (sounding board for ideas)
  • They help sustain focus on your intended objective
  • They know how to keep you on track towards your established goals/priorities
  • They help eliminate emotion out of decisions and keep things logical
  • They have a proven process to take you from where you are to where you want to be

In our coaching process, we take into account these aspects. Depending on our client’s perceived issues, we may utilize one or more of the following approaches to coaching:

Visioning: We use this approach with the clients who are not clear as to where they need to be yet they feel there is something missing. For example, one of our clients sold a business, received a big cash infusion, and did not know what to do with it: “Now what? I want to go on a month long family trip but my spouse says that would be extravagant.” They just got the money and already there is friction about what to do with it. We helped this client determine the purpose for their money. Once they determined its purpose, whether or not to take a family trip and how to take it, became self-evident. Creating the vision gave value to their money beyond being merely an account from which everyone wants their share.

We believe that having a clear vision is crucial to building effective strategies towards a successful outcome.

Strategic: We use this approach with clients who have a clear vision but do not know how to get there. For example, one of our client’s vision  was to retire and add significance to his legacy by mentoring at-risk teens.  He did not know how to make it happen. He had examined various options but none of them looked better than the next. With our years of experience, we helped him put together a cohesive plan of action to further his vision. This gave him a tremendous sense of relief and renewed energy.

A defined strategy sets a direction to make your vision tangible. Effective strategies lead seamlessly to tactics.

Tactical:  We use this approach for our clients who are very clear on what they want and how to get it.  All they need is help in putting together the specific details that will take them there. For example: One of our clients wanted to create a family mission for their family. They had the vision. They had the strategy as well which was to discuss and determine the mission during a family meeting. They did not know, however, how to approach such a meeting: how to get things started and how to make everybody take it seriously. We helped them create their agenda and hosted their initial family meeting so they could focus on their objective: forge a family mission.


We have the tools and experience to give you the step by step guidance to help you determine or achieve your objective.

Coaching is not didactic. It is not a one-way street where your life is supplanted with an outside,external, new, foreign platform to take over your life. Coaching is collaborative and dynamic and is made to fit you. Conversations and initiatives  are engaging and forward thinking. We believe that coaching has markers and milestones to recognize and point to success.

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