Wow, I Am Actually Good at Dealing With Money... Who'd Have Thought This Possible?

G.C. - Washington

Before taking the Money Focus program, I was out of control and unaware when it came to money. I had no tools to manage money and was embarrassed about it. I had no training with money. I came from a family where my parents didn’t track money and they were always looking for money.

For me, the impact of going through the Money Focus program was huge. For the first time in my life, I gained control over money.  I understood what money meant to me personally, as a tool; that it was to be used it for my own ends to do what I wanted. Gaining control over money was a lot easier than I thought it would be after learning tools for tracking, checking in and reviewing periodic reporting.

The big epiphany to me was that connecting personal values to money was key to making these lessons stick.

I was surprised that I turned out to be pretty good at dealing with money.  After removing fear, confusion and unawareness around how money can be used to my benefit, learning became easy.  The Money Focus program demystified money; that was personally transforming and empowering.