We Built Deeper Trust and Understanding in Ways We Couldn't Imagine Possible

A.C. - Washington

We were married in 2008. As a newly married couple we had big issues with money and figuring out how to evolve from two single people into a married couple with aligned goals. 

The Life program was terrific in that it taught us how to structure and run monthly family meetings. We supported our individual and newly combined family values. We had a structure to support our individual and shared objectives. Our monthly check-ins worked well.  Life Focus gives us the tools to stay connected in a meaningful way with varying and busy schedules.  I still remember when Bhaj had us describe our own values and listen to each other’s. I really got to see my husband in a way I hadn’t before. It was both transformational and set a great foundation for respectful communication with each other on any subjects. This wasn’t the case before.  After our child was born, we lost the discipline of this structure and I’ve noticed the difference.

It’s great to know we have this platform to return to and build on again.

Before we started the Money Focus Program, I felt I was the only one concerned about money issues. For my husband, money used to be such a sore spot that he couldn’t even talk about it.  My husband actually manages our family money now! I am the breadwinner and he is the stay-at-home parent.  I have deep trust in him in this regard and he actually enjoys and doesn’t even question how he has become the “family money manager.”  Finances were kept separate and there were no shared financial goals. The Money Focus program helped us reduce stress in our relationship and helped us get aligned on money goals and taught us how to delegate our money roles.

Bhaj enabled this to happen by creating a simple yet effective system.   I consider Focus and Sustain’s workshops and programs to be essential and critical tools to help families learn the basics and create a system to successfully deal with the big issues of life and money.

Bhaj is extremely present in the moment and you know that she is giving you 100% of her attention and focus.  Bhaj also has a gift for taking “big topics” like our individual and combined missions in life and our communication with money and simplifying things so that people can incrementally learn how to make positive changes in these areas.  Bhaj is the real deal and loves the work.  She speaks from personal experience and pitfalls.  Bhaj lives what she teaches.

Both the Life Focus and the Money Focus Programs exceeded our expectations.