Unimaginable Closeness and Connections in Our Family

S.C. - Washington

I struggled being unable to open up and share what was important to me about my family.  It was difficult for me to express what I wanted to pass along because I am a very private person.  Sharing feelings is not something that comes naturally to me. I wanted my family to know what was important about my family through my life. That is what brought me to Legacy Focus.

In the Legacy Focus program I went through a guided process of uncovering key people, experiences and events where that helped me shape my core principles. It was a wonderful process. Bhaj got me to remember so many wonderful times and people that were important to shaping my life. I felt, at times, I was paying homage to those who really helped. At other times I felt that I was able to put into words, things I've kept inside but never fully and clearly articulated about the significance of my life, my children and my grandchildren.

Once I received and read the transcript from our guided conversations, I wrote a letter to my family that identified internal core values that I felt were important to pass down to the next generations.  I wrote something unique and different for each family member.

The “project” was not a one-time event and instead has become more of an ongoing journey.  I find myself revisiting the letter and adding to it over time.  I am grateful for being taught how to think, reflect and openly share with my family in a way that I simply was unable to do in the past. The big life change, in my opinion, is how deeper understanding of me and my values has improved communication and made family disagreements less of an issue. 

I believe the letter helped increase the deepness of connection I have with each child. I feel like a light has been turned on regarding my ability to communicate openly with family.  Once started, I couldn’t stop openly sharing.  This has been an enormous gift.  The family has strengthened their connection to me and one another.  They are able to see, hear and acknowledge me as a person and I was able to give something of myself (values that are important) back to my family. This was a life transforming experience provided in a safe environment.

I shared the letter, by reading it to the family at an informal family gathering.  Of course I was nervous about sharing such love, knowing I might shed some grateful tears as I was reading. I was overtaken by the love I received back from everyone. It was a powerful moment, one that has kept growing for the last five years, since I read it to them. My family understands me so much more deeply and it shows in the way we respect each other, especially now as I have to make many lifestyle adjustments.  I was told that the family letter I wrote was very helpful to facilitate greater understanding of me and my life.

I appreciated being able to think through in an organized manner values that were important as it related to family.  Bhaj pulled things out of me that I had a hard time expressing. She is really good at sensing what is right, guiding people towards strengthening relationships. She was really magical that way. Bhaj was a terrific guide in helping me open up and share values that I believed were important to pass along to my children and grandchildren. 

The Legacy Focus program brought me closer to my family and them to me in a way I could not have imagined, in a way that keeps us together by knowing what is truly important to us as a family and in a way that is really priceless.