My Coach Is a Great Strategist at Navigating the Family Business Maze

R.S. - Colorado

I have been working with Bhaj for the last year or so. She is helping me fulfill specific objectives with the family. She and I have built a measurable and outcome based strategy for my conversations with family members as it relates to my objectives concerning the family business and the greater family purpose.   

Bhaj is a very effective coach and is helping me on many levels. She helps me by providing an honest and independent perspective to my current situation so that we can uncover effective ways to strategically move forward.

Bhaj is extremely insightful at interpreting divergent information. She is a great guide at framing questions to get the answers I desire or need to hear.

Bhaj is a great strategist at navigating the family business maze.  She is very logical in her thinking. I trust her and do not hold anything back so she has all the information she needs to give the best possible feedback and guidance.

Bhaj is a gifted listener.  She cuts right to the point, is very specific and excellent at helping me sequence appropriate next steps. Bhaj is very practically oriented and strategically focused. This typically shows up as, “Here is the problem as I see it. Let’s find out what we need to do to solve it.” 

She has been very quick to get up to speed on a 40 year family business situation that is very complex.  We have regularly scheduled one hour phone calls and I always leave with specific homework or next steps.  We are always productive and time is never wasted.  Bhaj always comes prepared to our meetings with an agenda. She sends me notes summarizing a synopsis of our meeting, and when appropriate, next steps.  There is an open invitation for comments or questions and opportunity to always provide an update to her when appropriate.  This process has really kept me moving forward productively.

Bhaj is dedicated to her work and is always 100% present with me. She absolutely does her best to serve and provide value.  Bhaj would take these attributes to anyone she works with.  I think she is tough in a good way! Bhaj also doesn’t tolerate a lot of garbage and has a strong backbone.  This is invaluable in complicated or tough situations with lots of differing opinions and viewpoints.

Our family situation is very fluid. As a result, our strategy and decisions are fluid and not predictable. I’m feeling very good working with Bhaj.  In a challenging family situation Bhaj always guides me to the right questions, process and information.  She is not prescriptive.

I think Bhaj is great at focusing on understanding what I am trying to achieve and keeps me on track as well.