It Was so Incredibly Valuable to Have a Coach!

D.&D.R. - Vermont

We are a married couple; our kids are grown up and out of the house. We came into Life Focus program because we realized that although we’ve had over 35 years of marriage we still had major points of contention in our relationship. We were at the beginning a little worried and uncomfortable about how this program would expose how we had two very different backgrounds and ways of relating to some things, like money.

Bhaj had a way of disarmingly getting us to embrace the process of opening up.  We both appreciated allowing Bhaj to become the bridge in the facilitation of strengthening our relationship and lives together.

The Life Focus process Bhaj took us through enables us to continually check in on how we’ve used our values and strengths related to achieving our life goals and working towards a common destination.  Through an exercise, we shared with each other our own values. We were pleased to find that we had significant overlaps. That created an immediate connection for us. It was enlightening to see how we had very similar values.  Later, the conference table of strengths was a great tool to have and use when we need to find a way to help each other and ourselves stay motivated. 

We now have peace of mind and less stress in our relationship. We are also more apt to speak up and “honor what the other has done.”  This positive affirmation has strengthened our connection with one another.

Our communication has greatly improved by giving us common language from which to share and discuss our goals and feelings.  The transformation we’ve gone through together has put our daily lives on a slightly different track.  We are very comfortable and are aligned on the important stuff.  We are now having a good life together.

It was so incredibly valuable to have someone outside of our realm who is knowledgeable and can relate to the struggles we faced.  The Life Focus really is well put together and really deepened our connection to ourselves and what we want individually and as a couple. Bhaj brought a special quality to our meetings and helped improve our communication and connection with one other.