I Had No Interest In Money When We Started, but Then...

L.S. - Washington

We started Money Focus as my wife Anna wanted to bring improvement in how we handled money and money discussions, but to be honest, this was of no interest to me. We had no common goals with money and we just didn’t like to talk about it.

Learning how to budget and keep track of where money went was extremely valuable and empowering.

I think the greatest benefit is that there is no longer any mystery when it comes to the topic of money.  This has positively transformed our relationship.

The Money Focus program has empowered me to have more control over money. I simply cannot believe how we used to live together without openness and transparency around where we spent money.  Going through budgeting and spending together has saved us a lot of money because we are now mindful of where it goes.

Now I manage the money and feel empowered to use all I’ve learned going through MF as a way to help us reduce our spending and keep more of the money we make.

Stress when it comes to money went from a topic of contention to being nearly non-existent.

MF program is great, it is easy to follow, absolutely helpful and important for all couples to have this type of knowledge.

What’s best, the amount of money saved by using a budgeting process has far exceeded the cost of the Money Focus program.  And even more importantly, our relationship is stronger, more transparent and less stressful as a result of using this knowledge in our lives.