Control Money or It Controls You. Negative Habits Can Be Broken

M.S. - Washington

My husband and I had very different views of money. We could never agree on anything money related. As a result we always fought about it. We wanted to understand each other’s behaviors around money and hearing from others how well it worked for them, we decided to try Money Focus.  It really helped. 

While going through Money Focus program I understood that people’s approach to money is greatly determined by their upbringing. For instance I grew up in a house with parents that did not understand money.  Taking control over my money was a new idea for me. 

Now, as a single Mom, I understand that either you control money or it controls you.

The Money Focus program took very sensitive topics, communication, control and systems around money, broke them down and made it easy to absorb the key issues in each area. I now have a much better understanding of how to view my money and have learned that it is possible to have a strategy to behave with money and have better control over it. This experience was enlightening and eye opening.   Bhaj provides you with the ability to be accountable to yourself.

Going through Money Focus was for me a terrific process of self-discovery that provided greater clarity and control over my relationship with money.

The program materials were really helpful, precise and clear.  The tools were very effective at teaching concepts that were foreign to me.

The unexpected value of the program was that I’ve been able to teach my children healthy values around money so the negative generational cycle of the family not having a good relationship with money is broken.

Bhaj has a great sense of humor and burning desire to help others. She is very authentic and true to herself.  Bhaj has a way of teaching you how to answer your own questions about money and life and what you have to do; as opposed to being prescriptive. Bhaj is very clear, focused and on track and gave me great confidence that I can do it all on my own.